Our thoughts can nourish or harm us. What we think can actually affect the biochemical make-up of our bodies and affect our immune system.

We are the Master of our Destiny.

Negative thoughts and fears can change a healthy alkaline blood system into an acid one. Underneath these thoughts lie fears , repressed feelings and issues we haven't dealt with. These take a constant toll on our health. The roots of our fears and beliefs about ourselves are buried in our subconscious minds. Becoming AWARE of negative effects of our behavior is the first step to changing our beliefs about ourselves.

Awareness is our first step on the path of change. WE CANNOT CHANGE our lives if we live in a constant negative state. Forgiveness is the next. By forgiveness, I mean, letting go. To be released, we must forgive our self for any harm we may have caused our self ; forgive all others for any harm they may have caused us; and allow others to forgive us for any harm we may have caused them. Our thoughts can nourish our mind and our bodies.

Thoughts are the real causation force in life and there is no other. You cannot have one kind of mind and another kind of environment.

This means that you cannot change your environment while leaving your mind unchanged.

If you change your mind your conditions must change too.


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Secrets of Success


The source of prosperity is within you. It doesn't come from your work, or even money in general, prosperity comes from the energy that drives our abundant universe. That abundance is showered down to us from the billions of stars in the sky. Focus on that image and you can attract everything you need . The more faith and belief, the more prosperous you will become.

We must have Desire-Decision-Determination-Discipline to obtain our goals.


Desire has to be the most crucial and driving force behind every great man and woman that ever lived. Without a burning desire to achieve something in our lives, we are destined for mediocrity. Until you develop a goal that totally encompasses your every thought and breathe , it will be impossible to have enough courage to overcome your fears. When you desire something so much that you just have to have it. Then and only then you will be able to take action towards that goal.


Decision once you have the desire to accomplish a specific goal in your life, then comes the Decision.


Determination is essential to get your plan into action. Until you have made a decision no matter what obstacles are in the way regardless of the circonstances; without a Determination you are destined for mediocrity.


Discipline this has to be the most sensitive; We all at one time or another lacked the discipline to get something done. Just to have then fall apart because we failed to follow through. Part of having the discipline to follow through comes from having the Desire, Decision and Determination. You must have Desire; you must make a Decision, you must have Determination and you must have Discipline.




Faith is the most important factor. Faith is the Substance, the actual substance of a thing hoped for, the evidence of a thing unseen. We must build our desires in our world within.

When the first World War began the Germans took for their slogan:

" Christmas dinner in Paris! " But when the great crisis came and the Germans were almost triumphant, the French people, even the women and children, took up the cry: " They shall not pass " Instead of dining in Paris, the Germans retreated. An impassable barrier was built by faith of the people of France, not by power but by faith. The Key of Faith is to believe that your Desire is An Already Accomplished Fact. As a little girl of six years of age, I have experienced myself the power of faith and over and over after that. Come in the Magic Kingdom of Faith where " eye hath not seen or ear heard, neither has it entered the hearts of men. Plant in your garden the Seed of Faith and see all the wonders and miracles in your life.


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We all have our own special brand of fear. Fear makes cowards of us; it makes us do things we should not do and keeps us afraid to do things we should; it goes to sleep with us and kicks us awake in the morning. Fear , anger,criticism and all such thoughts are the most expensives guests we can entertain. They bring a harvest of poverty, misery and discord. There is no need to fear anything for we carry the indwelling power to overcome everything. We are creatures of habit in both mind and body, so we must be on our guard for when we seek to change ourselves in any way it seems as though everything goes against us. When the old poverty or distress thoughts try to argue, club them out . Have a mental house cleaning Every Day, RenewYourself with good thoughts. Cause is mind, and mind does all its creative work in the Silence. Silence is golden when we tell our ambitions, we waste energy. If you do not talk you Must Act . Silence will intensify your thoughts and power. Every word you speak is a word of power.



This story is to give STRENGTH AND BELIEF

As a young six years old child, I discovered my ability to bring the assumed “Impossible” materialization of a wish that was more precious than the rarest diamond to my heart. My impassioned sojourn began in the early dawn. In the most secret place, on my knees, without food or water, all day through into the evening; I implored The Great Cosmic Power to grant me this one desire as precious to my heart and soul as is my every breathe for life. My knees bruised from the constant pressure of my kneeling and my stomach ached with hunger but the pain did not hinder my impassioned plea and I did not move from my place. Not one dark doubt entered my heart or mind. My desire was so intense and my belief so profound that I knew with conviction that my desire must be fulfilled. Nightfall came and I was still there imploring, visualizing that my most precious desire was already granted. As night fell a Nun came upon me in this most secret place before retiring for the evening. She was upset with me and informed me that everyone had been looking for me. She insisted that I get up and go get something to eat. I implored her for “Just 5 more minutes” that my father was coming. You see, I did not have the pleasure of a Father in my life. I had the short-lived good fortune to meet a wonderful man by the name of Roger. The complete sum of my time with him was very short but he had left an imprint on my heart that was very profound for the child that I was, so eager for tenderness. My heart was aching for his affection and I wanted more than anything to see him one last time before saying good-bye. The Nun told me that it was too late and that nobody would come for me anymore; but she felt my determination and allowed me this time. I tried to concentrate a little harder and suddenly I felt this exuberant assurance in the very marrow of my bones that “my Papa” Roger was coming. I could hardly maintain my concentration with this anxious joy that I would see him again. Roger was an entire days’ journey away from me and did not even know where I was. I sent myself to him. I reached out to him like a sunbeam on a gray winters' day.

Roger felt the strong forces of My Thoughts and he could not deny this call for love any longer. His finding out where I was is a miracle in itself. This late evening “my Papa” Roger knocked on the door of the Nunnery to the complete surprise of the Nuns.

Regardless of the name of this Great Power: The key is to Believe that your desire will be granted regardless of the circumstances.

It does not matter if you are religious or not, spiritual or not Atheist or Agnostic.

It does not matter what race you were born into, if you are young or old.

These physical qualities and beliefs are of NO CONSEQUENCE to the GREAT POWER that surrounds and infuses us all. The first time that I knew that power existed as a little child, I knew nothing of any God, religion or race.


We must build our desires in our inner world .

Any thought that is not positive and constructive is destructive.

A negative thought is any thought or thoughts of failure, disappointment, critisism, spite, jealousy, condemnation of others, self condemnation: ANY KIND OF LIMITATION OR PESSIMISTIC THINKING.

It is not the thoughts that come to you that Matter but only such of them as you choose to entertain and dwell upon.

Therefore choose your friends carefully, if your surroundings are negative, if your thoughts are as well negative, YOU CAN NOT ATTRACT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE A POSITIVE OUTCOME.

We are transformed by the renewing of our mind.

Remember that your soul should be The Secret Place Of The Highest.


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