Après avoir traversé les époques et les civilisations. Les 22 arcanes majeurs forment avec les 56 mineurs le jeu de tarot divinatoire.

Le jeu de tarot est né au coeur de la civilisation indo-sémito européenne.

Les gitans aux XV et XVI e siecles, les Cabalistes et les Alchimistes traqués par l' Inquisition, s'inspirant des cartes du Tarot de Bohemins réaliserent les 22 arcanes majeurs, concernant les 22 lettres nombres de l' Alphabet hebraique. Arcanes Mineurs

Les Arcanes Majeurs renseignent sur le futur proche.


Major Arcana


The tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided in two parts:

The Major Arcana ( 22 cards ) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards ).

Fortune telling cards first appeared in Europe during the sixteenth century in the form of the Tarot deck. They were introduced by the Gypsies, nomads who had left their native India and roamed as they have continued to do so to the present day - across Europe and Asia, living by their wits. Many people believed that these travelers were the descendants of the ancient Egyptians, or Gyptians to Gypsies.

The 22 Major Arcana give important details and events regarding the near future. Minor Arcana



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