Magnetism is a magical word, but magnetism is also a natural phenomenon, scientifically proven. Our magnetism is essential for our physical and mental balance.

The key to successful endeavors in the world of magical magnetism is our ability to harness and control our energies.

I will magnetize a specially chosen crystal that will bring you luck. I'll choose one that is just for you for whatever your heart desires. I will know how to eliminate the harmful negative waves around you.

Our planet is home to positive, magnetic beneficial waves, but also negative, destructive waves.

Your lack of magnetism prevents you from capturing the positive waves, that are your advantage. Concerning the daily share of negative waves that surround us , by people, friends and even family, to avoid Misfortune, Poverty, Sadness, Disappointments, and all Kinds of problems.

Enter in to the sort of life lead by those people who enjoy success and happiness: become YOURSELF, one of the high flying people that you envy, and who release a constant flow of positive waves and events, and whose power allows them to defeat the negative waves sent to destroy them.

My Crystal will quickly recharge your personal, positive magnetism: it will bring you Power, Courage, Strength, Protection, Joy and Happiness.

Become one of the privileged people who attract luck, love, money...

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I will know how to drive away the harmful, negative waves and capture the best of these waves for your own benefit...


our mind




I use only natural crystals...the power of crystals

The man credited with the discovery of the mental state was Franz Mesmer, a man so famous for his healing ability the term "mesmerizing" was coined based on his work. Dr. Mesmer believed that good health was a result of the harmonious flow of a magnetic fluid within the body ( like the moon affects tidal movements of the ocean ) this universal influence must also affect the animals as well.

The moon's strong force is magnetic when the moon it is Waxing or when it is moving from the period of the New Moon to the Full Moon. At this time the Moon is growing and has a " pulling in " effect on all things exposed to her energy. This is a time great psychic enhancements.

When the moon is Waning, or when it moves from the Full Moon to the New Moon, the psychic vibrations are still there but are lower and have the effect of " pulling away ".


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