Tender sweet love, O


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beautiful Orphée

Cherished amulet of my heart

Like a beautiful flowering rose

Little fairy, I am spellbound

Caressing your face so lovely,

Remembering the warmth of your eyes,

Your golden locks outspread in abandon on this roadway.

On my knees, I implore the Heavens

Listen to my despairing cry O God!

A flood of tears pour down my face,

I know this is your last moment here.

I murmur gently sweet words of love,

To instill in you, forever.

Rage inside my heart for your violator,

For a last time, I take you in my arms,

Never again will you be with me.

I feel the warmth of your blood against me

On me with a ruby' s glow

A river mixed with blood

Lifeless you lay down in front of me

Cruel destiny separates us,

Soul of my life, eternal love,

My tears mix with the rain,

Shattered by complete devastation

I leave in the rain.

Sonia Klising


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The impossible

Attempt the impossible

Discover that it is possible

The only reason why it was not possible

Because no one dared to make it possible

If others believe it is impossible

Take up the challenge and make it possible

For the victor it was not impossible

Open the door for the possible

Even, if it seems impossible

Dare to make it possible

Sonia Klising


My Son

You were a long time awaited

Before your birth my heart knew you

Blood of my blood, life of my life

With my breast I nourished you

I guided your first steps

I caught you before you fell

I dried your tears

I calmed your fears

Love comes and goes

Sometimes life is bitter

If there are clouds, if there is storm

True love is forever bound

Never between us, be the word abandon

If I hurt you in any way accept my pardon

Of all my loves you will have the strongest covenant

And when I am gone,

I will still be with you from above

Sonia Klising

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